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AER-FORCE services

We provide expert technical services to wastewater treatment plant operators in Australia


Full service solutions for porous & membrane fine bubble air diffusers

Our experienced team of technical experts are here to help. Services available to Australian wastewater treatment plant operators include:

  • Advice on choosing fine bubble air diffuser systems and parts

  • Supply of quality fine bubble air diffusers from American and European manufacturers

  • Installation of new or replacement systems and parts

  • On-site monitoring and testing of fine bubble air diffusers

  • Cleaning and maintenance of systems and parts


Did you know?

Over the last few years new and improved membrane materials have become available, including EPDM with biocide additives or Teflon coatings, silicone and polyurethane. Standard EPDM compound mixes have been greatly improved with lowest possible concentrations of mineral oils softeners. Different materials perform better in some wastewaters, depending on temperature and industrial influents. Aer–Force can supply test rigs to help you select the best materials for your particular application.

Regular cleaning, either with high-pressure water jets or with insitu acid vapour injection, can significantly improve oxygen transfer efficiencies, as well as prolong diffuser life between replacements. Aer–Force can assist you with site installation work and diffuser cleaning services.

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