Value is about more than price; why experience, quality and relationships matter

Everyone wants value for money, particularly when you’re a ratepayer funded business like Australian wastewater treatment plants. But real value is about so much more than money. It’s also about experience; wisdom gained over many years of service that enables you to understand, anticipate and advise on customer needs. And it’s about quality; fine bubble air diffuser products and services that optimise performance and minimise risk.

This is the value we provide to Aer-Force customers all over Australia. Quality products and services, grounded in 100 years’ combined industry experience, and competitive pricing, garnered through nurturing relationships with manufactures from Europe and the United States. Because real value is also about relationships; with your suppliers and most importantly, your customers.

In reflecting on the 18 years that Aer-Force has been in operation, we’re proud to have provided fine bubble air diffuser products and services to over 500 customer projects. We’ve worked with large and small wastewater treatment plants in every state and territory in Australia.

Our smallest order was mailed to the customer in a shoe box and cost very little, whereas our largest project to date saw twenty 40-foot shipping containers full of fine bubble air diffusers and aeration equipment delivered to the site in South Australia over a 3-year period.  Whatever the challenge, we‘ve got the experience and resources to handle it.

We’re particularly proud of our depth of experience and knowledge of diffusers from manufacturers all over the world; our Directors bring this to every project at no extra charge.  By maintaining close relationships with fine bubble air diffuser manufacturers in Europe and the United States we’re in the unique position of being able to supply aeration spares to almost every existing aeration installation in Australia. 

From the customer perspective, this provides the opportunity for competitive pricing when membrane renewal time rolls around, which ultimately benefits the water and sewerage ratepayers of Australia.  Too often we come across examples of uncompetitive pricing of fine bubble air diffusers and aeration spares when the customer only seeks quotes from the original equipment manufacturer.

Sourcing products yourself direct from the manufacturer may seem like a sound strategy to ‘cut out the middle man’, but in fact may cost you more at the point of purchase, without delivering the additional value that experience and relationships can bring. Because at Aer-Force, we also care about nurturing relationships with our customers, which means we’re dedicated to providing you with exceptional value, every time.

This means being there over the long-term, providing expertise when you need it most, servicing the fine bubble air diffusers we supply, and collaborating on innovative solutions. Our Directors come to you, travelling all over Australia and putting boots on the ground. Ensuring the systems and solutions we provide are fit-for-purpose and deliver a good return on investment.

If you’re looking for real value; competition pricing AND experience, quality and relationships, consider Aer-Force the next time you need to refresh the performance of your fine bubble air diffuser system.

John Jennings