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Aer-Force pty ltd

Quality fine bubble wastewater treatment plant diffuser products & services


Experience the Aer-Force Difference

Our team of experts has 100 years’ combined experience. We supply quality fine bubble porous and membrane diffusers from the United States of America and Europe to existing wastewater treatment plants in Australia. We also install, test and maintain the diffusers to the highest standard, providing a personalised customer service at all times.


Meet the team


Mike Young and Tom Lawson founded Aer-Force in the year 2000 to provide wastewater treatment plant operators in Australia with better quality diffuser products and services. In 2006 they were joined by John Jennings. Together the three Aer-Force Directors have amassed 100 years’ combined experience in the supply, installation, testing and cleaning of wastewater treatment plant diffusers.

Get to know us

Mike Young was formerly managing director of the substantial process plant engineering company John Young (Kelvinhaugh) P/L, a company he founded in Sydney in 1987. Mike has had over 30 years experience of working in the water and wastewater industry, and has special expertise in project planning, safety, quality assurance and site installation work. Mike is responsible for project delivery, client liaison, supplier orders, importation and company financial control.

Tom Lawson was formerly managing director of Aquatec-Maxcon for 17 years, but set up his independent consultancy Aqua-Audit in 1998 to provide diffuser test services not previously available in Australia. Tom has had over 35 years experience in wastewater treatment plant engineering in Australia, and is a specialist in diffused air aeration technology. Tom is based in Sydney and is responsible for business development, technical support and after sales support.

John Jennings has had over 25 years experience in the wastewater industry through Sinclair Knight and ESI, and now provides design services through his own consultancy JWWE. John has had a long personal relationship with Environmental Dynamics Inc, and has extensive experience in wastewater treatment plant design. John is based in our Kiama office and is responsible for the management of major projects, warehouse stock control, technical support and after sales support.